Japanese Figure Store Online

2021年6月16発売 楽天ブックス特別特典付

Where can I buy Japanese figures?


best japanese figure store.

A new hobby brand that sells high-quality figures for a limited time, with a thorough focus on modeling and coloring.

"Princess Connect! , "My Hero Academia", "To LOVE-Ru", "Fate", "Re: Life in a Different World from Zero", and other major anime figures featuring popular characters. The result is different from other companies.

Official site:F:NEX

Hobby search

An online shop founded in 1999 that handles more than 500,000 items such as figures, character goods, and trading cards.

The biggest merit of the user is the large discount price using the cash on delivery prepaid system.

Limited goods are not included in the products, but if you want to buy at the lowest price, you cannot miss this shop.

Official site:Hobby search


A major figure mail order shop operated by Oami Co., Ltd.

It sells figures from various manufacturers and brands, including major manufacturers, and has a wide lineup from general works to figures for adults.

The discount value is often the lowest in the industry, and point discounts are also available.

Official site:amiami.jp

native store

Speaking of cast-off of beautiful girl figures, it is a native store. It is a shop that specializes in cast-off figures for adults.

You can purchase not only figures made by your own manufacturer, but also works of 9 brands such as Rocket Boy, Progress, and Second Ax.

There are figures that can only be bought here, such as high modeling quality and sexy poses that can be said to be blatant.

Due to the limited period and quantity, if you miss the purchase officially, you can only purchase it on the listing page with a premium price on the mall type mail order site.

Official site:native store

Hobby stock

A mail-order shop for hobby products such as character goods and figures.

While selling figures limited to hobby stock, we also regularly release dakimakura covers and 3D mouse pads for users of Moe-type works.

We are also focusing on anime goods that are popular with women, and have a wide range of uses, such as selling anime rubber straps that are popular with girls as our own manufacturer's products.

Official site:Hobby stock